High-Efficiency Furnaces and Snow: Keep Your Vent Pipe Clear

Keep your home and family safe

snow roof ventA high-efficiency furnace like the ones installed by the expert service technicians at Poore’s Propane help you keep your Delmarva home warm and comfortable while saving you money on your energy costs.

However, maintenance and best practices for safety are paramount to keeping your home warm as well as protecting your home, your family and your investment in your furnace.

Give your furnace room to vent

We get it. The last place you want to be during cold and snowy weather is outside. You’d rather be indoors enjoying the cozy warmth from your high-efficiency furnace.

But, when you’re clearing your sidewalks and walkways, and shoveling your driveway, there’s one more task you need to do: Take a few minutes to clear the space around the vents for your home’s heating and cooling system.

If the intake and exhaust vents are blocked by ice or snow, your furnace can shut down, leaving you and your family in the cold. That means you’ll be contacting us for a no-heat emergency service call. Keeping your vents clear avoids that hassle and expense.

While older homes often have the exhaust pipes going up the chimney, homes without chimneys, and newer homes, often have the exhaust pipes going through exterior walls, which means snow building up around the outside of your home can cause the exhaust vent to be blocked.

The exhaust vents being blocked by snow and/or ice can create a dangerous situation. The exhaust fumes will be trapped, prevented from escaping by the blockage. That means they’ll be forced back into your home and create a buildup of carbon monoxide.

One more tip for winter weather: While clearing snow and ice from your sidewalks, walkways, driveway and around your vent pipes, make sure that your Poore’s Propane delivery driver has safe access to your home’s propane or heating oil tank so they can deliver the fuel you need.

Count on Poore’s Propane for reliable, safe delivery of your propane and heating oil. Become a customer today and see how we can be of service.