Schedule Your Heating System Tune-up Now!

Beat the fall rush and be prepared for the winter season ahead

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It’s a great summer here in the Delmarva region, isn’t it?

The last thing you want to think about is winter, the cold that goes with it, and having to turn on your home’s furnace or boiler. But, taking the time now makes sense, because if you schedule your annual furnace or boiler maintenance tune-up with Poore’s Propane now, you’ll find yourself conveniently of the game.

Maintenance now makes life easier later

Think about all you’ll have to do in early fall: It’s back-to-school time. You‘ll have to do the annual fall yard clean up so it’s ready for winter. And those are just two examples! You can take one to-do off the list for that busy time by having your furnace or boiler maintenance done right now.

Addressing any issues outside of peak season makes it easier for you to get an appointment on a day and time that suits your schedule as much as it does ours! Our trained, experienced service technicians will carefully inspect and tune up your heating system, and if there’s a problem and repairs are needed, they can be be promptly addressed and remedied without ever having to worry about a cold house or long wait.

Think about it: You’ll also be ahead of the game if cold weather comes early this year. Everyone else will be scrambling for furnace or boiler service, but you’ll be all set. And, your furnace or boiler will be running at peak efficiency from the very beginning of heating season. That helps save you big on your energy bills over the winter months.

Prepare with a service plan

This is also a good opportunity to sign up for one of our service plans to protect your equipment, and help protect yourself from high repair bills. Our service plans come in packages designed to fit all needs and budgets!

By the way, if you use heating oil and haven’t filled your heating oil tank yet, now is a good time for that, too. Not only will you be ready for cool weather, you’ll be protecting your tank from condensation that can lead to corrosion! Schedule a delivery today! And don’t forget to ask about our convenient pricing and payment options like SmartPay and AutoPay too!

Contact Poore’s Propane today to schedule your home heating system maintenance or tune-up. We’re Central Delmarva’s leading source for propane, oil and service. Safe. Dependable. Easy!