Do I Need Heating Oil Tank Maintenance?

If you’re experiencing issues with your oil tank, We are here to help!

oil tank care pennsylvaniaHeating oil tanks usually don’t get a lot of attention. They’re either outside or tucked away in the basement, barely getting a glance as you pass by.

But, truth is, you should be paying more attention to your heating oil tank. It should get regular, professional inspections to detect and fix any problems before they get worse—which can potentially lead to a costly heating oil tank failure.

So, if you need to replace your heating oil tank, you get one-stop, worry-free service from Poore’s Propane! We sell, install, and service outstanding quality heating oil tanks that feature double-wall construction and are designed to be virtually leak- and corrosion-free.

We also can safely and expertly remove your old heating oil tank in accordance with all industry and government regulations.

What are Signs of Trouble That I Should Look Out For?

While regular professional maintenance of your heating oil tank is great, you also need to inspect your heating oil tank frequently. When doing so, here are some signs you should look for.

Rust, dents, and dings. Rust and dent marks indicate an issue with the oil tank’s operation. Even if they seem minor, you should make sure to make note of them and inform a service technician the next time they come by.

Weeping. Wet spots or condensation on or near the underside of the tank or on its surface could mean you have a condensation problem inside the tank. That’s a common indicator of possible corrosion of the heating oil tank.

Weakened, bent, or rusted legs. A full 275-gallon oil tank can weigh more than a ton, and all that pressure is on your tank’s supporting legs. If your heating oil tank was installed incorrectly, it will eventually fail. If your oil tank legs appear wobbly or weak, contact us to have your tank evaluated right away.

A broken vent alarm. Most heating oil tanks have a vent alarm that makes a noise when they’re being filled to alert the delivery crew that oil is flowing. If you don’t hear anything while the tank is being filled, contact Poore’s to have it serviced.

A faulty fuel gauge. If your fuel gauge is broken or stuck, contact us immediately to get it fixed. Running out of heating oil can cause problems with your fuel supply lines and result in other heating system issues.

Oil outside the tank. Heating oil on the ground or near the tank gauge usually indicates a leak. Since oil tanks corrode from the inside out, it could be the beginning of tank failure. Don’t wait. Contact us right away.

Damaged oil lines. Oil lines carry oil between the tank and the furnace; if the rubber tubing is split or cracked, contact us immediately to service your oil lines.

Bigger heating oil bills. Have your heating oil costs gone up without a change in your heating oil pricing or the weather? Get out your heating oil statements for the last few months (it’s easy to check when you have a Poore’s online account). If you notice that you’re using more heating oil for seemingly no reason, it’s a sign that there may be something wrong with either your heating oil tank or your heating system. Get in touch with us right away to better diagnose any issues.

Poore’s Propane is your complete source for all your heating oil—and propane—needs. If you need help with your heating oil tank, contact us today for a FREE estimate on any service.