How Much Can Your Heating Oil Tank Hold?

Track your tank levels and know when to arrange a heating oil delivery.

oil tanks Cecil County, MD Even though you might not think about it every day, your heating oil storage tank is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It holds and protects the fuel your home relies on for heat in the winter and hot water all year round.

It’s a good idea to be aware of your heating oil tank’s capacity, how to check the amount of fuel in it and when you should reach out to Poore’s Propane and Oil for a refill. We’re here to make this totally stress-free.

What is your oil tank’s capacity?

To figure out how large your heating oil tank is, you should start by measuring its dimensions (height, width and depth). Newer oil tanks will list the capacity (how much fuel it can hold) on the tank nameplate. If yours doesn’t list the capacity, contact our team and give us the dimensions. We can likely tell you what capacity oil tank you have.

The typical single-family home has a heating oil tank with a capacity of 275 gallons. They come in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Larger homes may require a 300 to 500-gallon model.

How much fuel does a heating oil tank hold?

It’s important to note that a 275-gallon tank won’t hold a full 275 gallons of fuel. Heating oil companies like ours need to leave some room for air and sundry debris that will settle at the bottom of the tank. So, a filled 275-gallon tank will contain roughly 240 gallons of heating oil.

How can you determine how much heating oil is in your tank?

To determine how much heating oil is in your tank, all you need to do is check your tank gauge.

The gauge is located on top of your tank. It’s a clear glass or plastic cube marked with numbers similar to those on your automobile’s gas gauge: F, ¾, ½, ¼. There is a disk resting in the cube. Its position tells you the amount of fuel left in your tank. If this marker is at or near the bottom of the gauge (or you can’t see it), you could be facing a heating oil run-out. Contact us immediately.

At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we advise our “will call” customers to reach out to us when their tank is at about 30%. Doing so will allow us time to get to you without the risk of your fuel running out.

Poore’s ensures you always have the heating oil you need.

Households in Cecil County and across central Delmarva count on us for no-fee automatic heating oil delivery. Let Poore’s Propane and Oil’s state-of-the-art system calculate your fuel usage, and we’ll deliver your heating oil right when you need it. There’s no checking tank gauges, no calling for fuel and no risk of running out.

Let’s take the stress out of your winter heating fuel needs. Contact us to enroll in automatic delivery.