Heating Oil: A Reliable Choice for Home Comfort

Experience reliable home heating with lower emissions.

heating oil Queen Anne's County, MD Homeowners in Queen Anne’s County and other Delmarva communities have to face freezing nights and wintery precipitation throughout winter. At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we appreciate these challenges because we call this region home, too.

How does home heating oil compare to other energy sources during this challenging time of year?

Regrettably, many individuals in these regions think of heating oil as the soot- and smoke-producing fuel their grandparents used. However, the reality is that today’s heating oil is significantly more refined, efficient, and environmentally friendly than its predecessors.

Here are some reasons that heating oil remains an excellent choice to ensure your home’s comfort.

1. Heating oil is a safe option.

When it comes to heating your home, oil heat stands out as one of the safest options. Liquid heating oil does not explode. If a lit match were dropped into a bucket of heating oil, it would extinguish immediately. Additionally, modern heating oil tanks are better than ever at preventing fuel spills with double-wall construction and leak prevention features.

2. Heating oil provides ample warmth.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, just one gallon of heating oil can produce an impressive 138,500 Btu of heat energy. To achieve the same heat generation, you would need approximately 41 kilowatt hours of electricity or 134 cubic feet of natural gas. That means your oil-powered furnace or boiler will be able to produce consistent, robust heat — no matter how cold it is outside.

3. Heating oil equipment is efficient.

Today’s oil-fired heating systems boast fuel efficiency ratings of 90% or higher, resulting in an average annual consumption of 500 fewer gallons of fuel compared to the 1970s. You can be confident that the overwhelming majority of the energy produced from your heating oil will go towards keeping your family comfortable and safe.

4. Heating oil is more eco-friendly.

Petroleum-based heating oil has been ultra-low-sulfur for some time now. It contains only 15 ppm (parts per million) of sulfur content compared to older heating oil’s 4,000 ppm. This has been excellent for reducing its emissions. It’s also better for your home heating equipment. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil extends the life of your heating equipment by leaving fewer deposits in your heat exchangers, resulting in less maintenance.

Choose Poore’s Propane and Oil for fuel and equipment services.

Heating oil is a fantastic way to heat your home and generate hot water, and no company in the region has more dependable heating oil delivery than Poore’s Propane and Oil. We offer free automatic delivery service, which ensures that you always have the heating fuel you need.

We also have a skilled HVAC service team that can handle just about any heating or cooling installation, maintenance or repair. Our attentive heating service will keep your oil-fired boiler or furnace running at peak efficiency for years to come!

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