Are Heating Equipment Service Plans Worth It?

If you like saving money, then the answer is quite simple!

Your heating and cooling equipment are major investments in your Delmarva home. You want to keep them, and keep them in good working order, as long as possible. And repairs aren’t cheap. On average, a furnace repair is close to $300. A boiler repair runs about $400. Air conditioning and heat pump repairs average more than $350.

And those are just the averages. A big repair job can go a whole lot higher than those figures.

Protect your investment and your wallet with Poore’s Priority Plus Service Plans! Choose between plans covering:heating service plans

  • Gas heat with air conditioning
  • Oil heat with air conditioning
  • Heat pump
  • Oil furnace only
  • Gas heat only
  • Air conditioning only
  • Boilers

You can also choose a Gold or Silver level for all of these plans.

The benefits of Priority Plus Service Plans

Helping you save on repair costs for your HVAC and comfort equipment is just the beginning of what Priority Plus Service Plans do for you.
Every single Priority Plus plan includes an annual maintenance tune-up for your equipment. This regular maintenance keeps your equipment running at its best possible efficiency. Did you know that four out of five repairs could have been prevented with regular maintenance?

With our trained and experienced service technicians being able to closely inspect your equipment during the tune-up, they can spot and fix any problems before they can cause a breakdown and leave you with a big repair bill. Regular maintenance by our professional service technicians may also help keep your equipment’s warranty in effect.

All of our service plans also come with 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year. You get priority service, so you won’t be left waiting. Depending on which plan you choose, you also get discounts on repairs or no-cost repairs. Your service plan(s) can also be included in your monthly SmartPay plan, to spread the cost over the entire year!

Whichever service plan you choose, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being properly, professionally maintained and repaired.

Contact us to learn more about and enroll in one of our service plans! Poore’s Propane is your go-to for comprehensive protection for your heating and air conditioning equipment all year-round.