Don’t Go Another Winter Season Without One!

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While summer is still going strong here in the Delmarva region, we all know that’s not going to be the case here before long. The time will come when we change swimsuits for sweaters and need to turn on the heat in our homes rather than the air conditioner.

Make sure that when you do finally fire on your furnace or boiler, you have reliable, efficient heating all season long. How is that best accomplished? By enrolling in a Poore’s Propane service plan! We offer service plans for both oil-fired and gas-fired furnaces and boilers, as well as for heat pumps.
Our Priority Plus Gold and Priority Plus Silver plans offer several kinds of protection when it comes to your heating equipment.

Protect Your Equipment

Every Poore’s service plan we offer includes an annual tune-up that maintains the general well-being of your heating system. Our technicians are trained to inspect every component of your furnace, boiler, or heat pump. They will clean and lubricate any parts in need of replacement to maintain peak performance and efficiency.

A yearly tune-up can also reveal any potential problems before they become worse. This saves you from inconvenient breakdowns and large repair bills. It’s magnified just how crucial a tune-up is when you understand that four out of five heating system breakdowns are due to lack of maintenance!

Protect Your Wallet

With proper maintenance for their heating systems, homeowners can save up to 10% on their annual energy costs. When you consider that heating makes up close to half your home’s winter energy costs, those can be some big savings!

A furnace, boiler, or heat pump that is kept in good working condition with regular professional maintenance will last longer than one that is not properly maintained. So, you won’t have to replace it as soon—and you’ll get more value for your initial investment.

If your equipment does need repairs, our service plans cover a wide range of parts, and offer discounts on others, helping to reduce your repair costs. Service plan holders also get 24/7 priority emergency service, so we’re always ready to lend a hand in a tight situation.

Protect Your Warranty

Did you know that most heating system manufacturers require an annual tune-up service from a professional technician? Our service plans can help keep your system warranty in place, which may protect you from potential repair costs later down the line.

Get protection and peace of mind this winter season—and for many winter seasons yet to come. Enroll in a Poore’s service plan today!