Furnaces vs. Boilers: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the Heating Systems That Keep Our Homes Warm

furnaces pennsylvania When installing a propane-fired heating system in your home, your primary options are a boiler or furnace. Both units act as the heart of your home’s heating, but they keep your home warm in significantly different ways.

The good news is, regardless of whether you have a boiler or furnace, using propane or heating oil to heat your home means that you’ll enjoy robust heat. Here is some information to help you understand the difference between a furnace and a boiler.

How Does a Furnace Keep You Warm?

A furnace system—also called a forced-air heating system—uses an oil or propane-fired burner to heat air. Then, the furnace’s blower propels this heated air into your rooms through ducts. Consequently, you need ductwork for a furnace system.

Pros and Cons of a Furnace System

Furnaces have some definite advantages for home heating, including the following:

  • Furnaces can start heating your rooms more quickly than boilers.
  • Often, furnaces cost less to run than boilers.
  • Your furnace’s ductwork can also service a central air conditioning system.

However, there are drawbacks to furnaces. These include the following:

  • Forced air can circulate mold, dust, debris, and other toxins throughout your home.
  • Forced air can dry out your rooms.
  • Some people find furnace systems loud and irritating.

How Does a Boiler Keep You Warm?

Unlike a forced-air system, a boiler does not require ducts to keep you warm. Instead, it works with your home’s plumbing. As the name suggests, a boiler heats a tank of water. Either steam or heated water travels through pipes to radiators or a radiant flooring system, which heats your home.

Pros and Cons of a Boiler System

Many people contend that boilers systems provide the highest quality of heat:

  • The heat they produce is humid, which feels nicer on cold days.
  • They don’t dry out the air, which is better for woodwork, artwork, and your allergies.
  • For the most part, boilers run quieter than furnaces.

There are also cons to boilers:

  • It takes longer to heat a room with a boiler.
  • Unlike furnaces, boilers can leak water.
  • Boiler installations are more complicated than furnace installations.

Let Poore’s Propane Handle Your Boiler or Furnace Installation!

The technicians at Poore’s Propane and Oil have done more furnace and boiler installations than just about any team in Delmarva and eastern Pennsylvania. If you want to upgrade from an old, inefficient boiler or furnace, we can help you find the ideal replacement and install it quickly and with minimal disruption.

Be aware, though, changing from a boiler to a furnace system—or vice versa—can be complicated and expensive. However, our friendly, experienced technicians can help you find a heat solution that matches your needs and budget. Plus, we can provide service for years to come and repairs when necessary. Your comfort is our top priority!

If you’re interested in installing a new boiler or furnace, it’s a good idea to start the process early. Contact the Poore’s team today, and we can provide a free estimate.