Add More Predictability to Your Fuel Budget

Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Bills

fuel payment pennsylvaniaWe don’t need to tell you that energy prices are unpredictable these days. Ongoing global events sent the already high price of crude oil into record territory in February. This then caused nearly all energy prices to surge. You’ve likely felt this at the gas pump and in your home energy invoices.

We are as anxious as you are for these prices to come back down to earth. Local fuel companies like ours don’t make more money when fuel prices rise; we make less. And while we can’t change global energy prices, we want to help our Delmarva customers navigate these challenging times.

With that in mind, we recommend that all heating oil and propane customers take advantage of our SmartPay Program.

What is SmartPay?

The SmartPay monthly budget helps you keep your fuel costs stable, predictable and manageable. You can spread out your fuel payments evenly into ten (10) monthly payments—no more worrying about painful bulk invoices on delivery.

How Do We Set Your Monthly Payment?

When you enroll in SmartPay, the Poore’s team reviews your fuel usage history to calculate a monthly payment schedule. There is no additional cost to take advantage SmartPay, and you don’t have to purchase more fuel!

If your actual fuel costs end up higher or lower than anticipated, we will adjust your plan. You can even spread out the cost of your equipment’s service plan with your SmartPay budget plan.

How Else Can You Take Control of Your Fuel Payments?

Poore’s Propane and Oil offers customers many ways to simplify their propane and heating oil expenses:

  • Enroll in Auto Pay today, and you’ll never have to worry about mailing a check again. Provide us with a credit card or checking account—we’ll automatically deduct your balance.
  • With Poore’s Price Cap Plan, we set a price-per-gallon heating oil cap before the start of heating season. If the price of oil rises, you still pay the agreed-to rate. If the price drops below the cap, you’ll pay that lower price!

All of us hope that these challenging economic times are only temporary. If you want to discuss or enroll in any of these programs—or have questions about reducing your home’s energy usage—please get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to help.