Five Reasons to Ditch Classic Charcoal and Get a Propane Grill

Propane grill

Summer’s just around the corner, which means that it’s high time for a backyard barbecue in your Delmarva home! But rather than dragging around a bag of briquettes and tasting igniter fluid on your burgers and dogs, why not switch to a built-in or portable propane grill?

Swap out your beat-up charcoal clunker for a clean-burning propane grill and you’ll get:

  • Greater convenience – Unlike a charcoal barbecue, a propane grill lights instantly and reaches cooking temperature quickly, with no mess to clean up.
  • Precision heat control – With a propane grill, you can control cooking temperatures to within a few degrees – a big reason why most professional chefs choose to cook with gas outdoors (and indoors, for that matter).
  • Healthier food – Charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid release toxic chemicals into your food; with propane, all you get is delicious, chemical-free flavor.
  • Cleaner air – Not only does propane burn cleaner than charcoal, but drippings from your food are more likely to flare-up on a charcoal grill and release smog-creating chemicals.
  • Better taste – Using quality meats, veggies and marinades is the key to making delicious food on any kind of grill. But food tastes better when it’s cooked properly – and proper cooking is all about controlling the cooking environment. That control is much easier with a propane grill than it is with a charcoal barbecue.

Want another reason to replace your clunky old charcoal barbecue with a new, precision propane grill? Try convenient propane tank refills from Poore’s Oil and Propane. Contact us today to learn more!