Fees & Charges

Reg Fee (Sometimes called a Hazardous Materials & Safety Compliance or HazMat Fee)
The Reg (Regulatory) Fee partially offsets the rising cost of our compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations that govern the propane industry’s handling, transportation, and delivery of propane. The Reg Fee covers only a portion of the regulatory compliance costs that Poore’s must bear. The costs include the implementation of compliance procedures, training, and education of employees and, in some cases, the purchase of new equipment in order to comply with applicable regulations. At Poore’s, we believe in disclosing the Reg Fee as a separate line item on the customer’s invoice. The Reg Fee helps us to maintain our safety standards, which already meet or exceed Federal, State, and Local regulations. This fee is not imposed by any government agency nor do we pay any portion of the Reg Fee which we collect to any government agency.

Tank Usage and Maintenance Fee
Customers using Poore’s Propane-owned equipment will be assessed a Tank Usage and Maintenance Fee (sometimes called a tank rental fee) during the period that the equipment is used. The amount of the rent can vary by the size of the tank and whether it is an above or underground tank. Please see the terms and conditions for the various rates. We maintain ownership and responsibility for the tank(s) at our customer’s property. As owner of the tank(s), we are responsible for any needed maintenance and compliance with all applicable safety regulations. If the tank ever needs repair or replacement, we do that with no additional charge to the customer. The rental fee helps defray our costs associated with tank acquisition, maintenance, and insurance – including a testing process that must be performed periodically to ensure that the tank is within original manufacturer’s specifications. The fee will be waived provided the customer has purchased, and taken delivery of, an amount of propane that is equal to or greater than one (1) time the capacity of the storage tank in the previous calendar year.

Transportation Fuel Surcharge
Increase in the price of crude oil, diesel fuel, and gasoline have affected us all, and in particular, companies like Poore’s that deliver their product by truck. These increases have greatly impacted our transportation costs when making fuel deliveries. The Transportation Fuel Surcharge helps us to recover a portion of these transportation costs. The Transportation Fuel Surcharge is based on the current price of crude oil, and so it may go up or down over time as such price fluctuates. The Transportation Fuel Surcharge is reviewed each month and is clearly itemized on your bill.

Refunds for Propane Left in the tank at Termination
The process of picking up equipment with propane left in the tank is a labor intensive process. Propane that is left in the tank by law has to be pumped down to 5% before it is allowed to be transported from our yard to the next new customer that uses the equipment. There are two fees associated with termination. There is a tank pick up fee and a draining fee. The draining fee applies if there is product left in the tank. The most efficient way for customers to get the most value is to use all the gas before requesting termination, or for those customers who are moving have the gas  handled at settlement with the new buyer. Poores Propane does not reimburse customer for gas left in the tank if their account has been set up less then a year. The company credits gas back at the current wholesale rate or the original sales price, which ever is lower.

Draining (Pump Out) Fee
A Restocking Fee covers the labor cost required to disconnect and pump out any remaining propane from a Poore’s Propane owned tank. Labor costs vary by region and location.

Tank Pickup
The Closeout Fee covers administrative activities and labor costs associated with closing a customer account, such as issuing the customer a refund, processing a final statement, and picking up the tank upon termination of service. This fee can vary depending on tank size and region.

System Leak Test Fee
This fee may be charged to partially defray the cost of labor incurred to conduct a leak test. Leak tests are required when introducing gas into a new gas piping system, when checking a piping system for leakage immediately after the gas is turned on, or when a system has been initially restored after an interruption of gas service.

Reconnect Fee
This fee is for reconnecting the customer’s gas service following a tank lock-off. Reconnect fees will vary depending on whether or not the reconnect is scheduled during normal business hours.

Will Call Fee/Out of Route Trip Fee
This fee may be charged to a non auto-routed customer to help defray the added costs of scheduling and completing a special delivery at the customer’s request.

Installation Fee
This fee may be charged to help partially offset the cost of labor and materials needed to install and/or hookup a propane system.

Early Termination Fee
This fee helps recover installation costs that were not initially charged at the time of installation and not recovered through agreed upon fuel purchases at the start of the contract period.

Emergency/Special Delivery Fee
This charge is incurred by customers who request deliveries outside of normal business hours.

Late Charge
This charge is assessed when a customer does not pay a bill within the agreed upon credit terms.

At Door Collection Fee
This fee is a service call fee for collecting payment at the door when a technician is on site to disconnect propane service for non-payment.

Convenience Fee
The Company may charge a Convenience Fee of up to 3.5% for all payments made by phone with a customer service agent.