How To Extend The Life Of Your Tank Water Heater

water heater life pennsylvaniaCorrosion of metal or steel happens when oxygen and water are brought into the mix. All three of these can be found in a water heater tank. So did you ever wonder how your water heater manages to avoid trouble for so long before it finally falls prey to rust?

First, as a protective measure in modern water heaters, the tank is itself protected by a layer of glass, but that still doesn’t prevent some water from getting inside through some cracks and start on the road to corrosion. That’s why manufacturers created a long piece of metal called an anode rod, which they insert inside the water heater tank.

It’s an unsung hero and deserves much more recognition that it usually gets. For the most part, an anode rod is composed of magnesium or aluminum. (Aluminum anode rods are best suited for areas that contain hard, mineral-rich water.)

But because of this, they will corrode quickly when exposed to water. Thus, the anode rod sacrifices itself, absorbing the corrosion that would otherwise damage a water heater’s steel tank 

But this does not mean you can completely ignore the anode rod, which will generally hold together and do its job of attracting corrosion for a few years. But, depending on the water quality, time will vary on just how long the anode rod will still be able to do its job of “saving” your water heater from extinction.

If you have your water heater technician replace your water heater’s anode rod before it rots away, you may actually be able to potentially double the life of your tank water heater.

Research your water heater replacement options

If you have any reasons why you think your water heater is failing—remember the average water heater lasts anywhere from 7 to 13 years—please contact us about your options. We install both oil-fired and propane water heaters—including propane tankless/on-demand units and indirect-fired oil water heaters. (By the way, tankless water heaters do not even need an anode rod!).

Both of these water-heating options will provide you with plenty of hot water at a very affordable cost. That’s something that extremely inefficient electric water heaters cannot accomplish.

Poore’s Propane has decades of experience in evaluating the hot water needs of our customers in Lewes, Dover and our Delmarva service area.

We will be happy to review your usage and provide a free estimate for a new water heater installation, along with the savings you can expect to experience with your new water heating unit.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation water heater installation estimate.

Poore’s Propane features high-quality, high-performance water heater systems from trusted manufacturers like Rinnai and Rheem.

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