Comprehensive protection for your heating and air conditioning equipment

Poore’s helps you avoid unexpected repair costs and keeps your equipment running better for longer with our service plan program.

You probably already know that system breakdowns can be expensive, and an after-hours service call, plus parts and labor, can all add up to a big repair bill for your furnace, boiler or central air conditioning system.

That’s why we offer Priority Plus Service Plans* for your heating and air conditioning systems. Annual maintenance can lower your energy bills and our 14-point heating/cooling tune-up is included in all of our plans. Your service plan(s) can also be included in your monthly SmartPay plan, to spread the cost over the entire year.

The cornerstone of our service plans is our annual tune-up, which helps ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency, and can more often than not avert breakdowns.

In fact, four out of five repairs could have been prevented with regular maintenance. And, if you ever require repairs, our plans provide priority service and discounted or no-cost repairs (depending on the plan you choose).

Learn more about the Gold Plan
Learn more about the Silver Plan

Our service plans cover everything from oil and propane heating systems to central air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

Our Gold and Silver Priority Plus Service Plans can be purchased for your home’s specific comfort equipment, with one of these options:

Plan A: Gas Heat with Air Conditioning
Plan B: Oil Heat with Air Conditioning
Plan C: Heat Pump
Plan D: Oil Furnace Only
Plan E: Gas Heat Only
Plan F: Air Conditioner Only
Plan G: Boilers

For more information on our service plans, contact us or call your local Poore’s office.

*where available