Install a new, high-efficiency heat pump system in your Delaware home with the help of Poore’s Propane!

A heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system solution. In the summer, the refrigerant in a heat pump captures heat inside your home and expels it to the outside. In the winter, the refrigerant does the opposite. Air travels through a coil in your outdoor unit. Heat from the air will be captured there and transferred to the refrigerant. (Yes, even cold air has heat energy in it!)

As the refrigerant warms, it turns into a vapor and travels to the indoor coil of your heat pump. A blower fan then pushes this heat through your ductwork and your vents.

Thanks to advanced technology, the heat pumps that Poore’s installs today can keep your home toasty warm even when outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing point.

What is a ductless heat pump system?

We have been installing these systems for years, because they solve a big problem: They deliver cooled air to rooms that can’t be cooled effectively using central air conditioning.

Basically, a ductless heat pump system (also known as a mini-split system) lets you put cooling—or heating—precisely where you need it.

Most people install mini-split systems for air conditioning because they have no ducts. But they get an added bonus because the system can also provide supplemental heat to reduce oil or propane consumption during the milder parts of the heating season.

Ductless systems are also a popular choice to replace window units, which allow you to open windows up for fresh air when you don’t need cooling. The wall units are unobtrusive and fit with any decor. They are quiet and include a remote control.

Ductless A/C installation is a great option for older homes without existing ductwork!

Installing a ductless system is not as involved as installing new central air conditioning—in fact it’s relatively easy. For each room that needs more heating or cooling, we’ll install a compact wall unit. We can install multiple indoor units, which all connect to one outdoor compressor. Only minimal drilling is necessary to complete the installation of your ductless system.

A ductless system is a good choice for:

  • Homes without any ductwork at all (those with hot water baseboard heating, steam radiators, etc.)
  • Home additions
  • Guest rooms, rec rooms and other rooms that are rarely occupied
  • Garages, basements and attics that have been converted to livable space
  • Hot spots or cold spots in rooms that never feel as comfortable as the rest of your home

We offer comprehensive heat pump services

Besides installing traditional heat pumps and ductless mini-split heat pump systems, the Poore’s team can help you with heat pump maintenance service and heat pump repairs to keep your system operating at peak efficiency all year round.

Find a new heat pump system today! Contact us or call your local Poore’s office.