Don’t Do Your Own Heating System Repair

Professional service for hvac equipment is best

appliance repair Chester county, pa We all want to be able to do as much of our own home maintenance as possible. Not only is going DIY often more affordable; it also gives you a sense of ownership of the place you call home.

But while it can be incredibly satisfying to replace a light fixture or assemble your kids’ new playhouse, you should never try to do your own gas or oil heating appliance repairs. The Poore’s Propane and Oil team is always available to customers in central Delmarva and eastern Pennsylvania to fix broken or poorly operating heating equipment.

Here are some risks of attempting your own heating system repairs.

Fuel leaks

Whether your home uses propane or heating oil, you face significant safety risks by repairing any furnace or boiler with a fuel line. Heating oil spills require extensive (and expensive) cleanup and environmental remediation. Gas leaks are severe explosion and suffocation risks.

Either way, you’ll need an HVAC professional — and maybe emergency services — to fix the leak you might inadvertently cause.

Electrical issues

Modern furnaces and boilers have complicated electrical components. If you don’t have proper training on this equipment, you will likely damage these parts. More seriously, you could run the risk of electrocution.

Voided manufacturer’s warranty

One of the benefits of having a relatively new heating system is that your manufacturer will cover many repair costs associated with faulty parts.

However, these warranties clearly state that only certified professionals can perform maintenance and repairs on this equipment. If you have performed DIY repairs on the equipment and it then breaks down, your manufacturer will likely refuse to cover the cost.

Home safety issues

There is an important reason you place carbon monoxide (CO) detectors on every level of your home. Combustion issues and improper ventilation can cause this odorless, colorless gas to accumulate. Carbon monoxide can cause vomiting, blurred vision, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness and even death. It’s a serious risk to the well-being of your loved ones. By doing your own heating system repairs, you considerably increase the likelihood of CO accumulation.

Expensive repairs

They say there’s nothing more expensive than free labor. Doing your own furnace or boiler repair could substantially exacerbate the underlying issues with your system. You will likely have to contact a professional to perform the repair anyway, but the repair could be much more costly. Depending on the severity of the heating system problem, you might end up needing new equipment.

Heating issue? Call the Poore’s team today!

If you need an oil or propane appliance repair , the Poore’s team is at your service. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness and quality of our work. Call us whenever your heating system is out of commission, and we will get it up and running quickly while upholding the highest safety standards.

Let our expert technicians provide the boiler or furnace repairs you need. Contact Poore’s Propane and Oil to request service.