Do You Have Enough Propane?

Don’t start the winter with a no-heat emergency.

propane delivery Kent county, md The nights are getting colder and colder in Chestertown, Dover, West Grove, New London and other cities and towns in central Delmarva and eastern Pennsylvania. Propane-fueled grilling has given way to propane-fueled hearths in the households we serve. No doubt, your gas-fired furnace or boiler has started coming on more often.

At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we’ve found that some of our customers get accustomed to the slower propane usage of warmer months and can be caught off-guard by their increased fuel use in winter. In the most unfortunate circumstances, these households can have unexpected propane run-outs. Let us refresh your memory on how to confirm that your home has enough propane. We’ll also tell you how Poore’s can make tracking your fuel levels totally stress-free — without costing one extra dime!

How do you check your propane tank gauge?

On top of your propane tank is a dome, which you can lift to reveal your tank’s gauge. It’s a round dial like a speedometer. The numbers on the dial tell you the percentage fill of the tank, not the number of gallons. If the needle is pointing to 50, your tank is half-full.

We recommend that you reach out to us before the tank gauge drops below 30%. This minimizes the likelihood of an unexpected run-out.

What happens if your tank runs out of propane?

Simply put, a propane run-out is a horrible (and costly) inconvenience for all concerned. Without fuel, your home’s heating equipment, water heater and other propane appliances will be out of order. On a winter night, this can be a considerable safety issue.

Our team will work as quickly as possible to get an emergency propane delivery to your house. However, before we can fill your tank, we are required to perform a safety and leak test. This adds to the expense of the emergency call.

Have you signed up for Poore’s automatic propane delivery?

We understand that keeping track of how much propane is in your tank can be complicated, especially if your home has several gas-fired appliances. The Poore’s Propane and Oil team has a computerized system that tracks the propane usage of many customers based on their home profile and current weather patterns. We do this as part of a free service called automatic propane delivery.

Once you sign up for automatic delivery, you can stop worrying about checking fuel tank gauges or calling us for propane. We schedule your propane delivery well in advance based on our calculations. Your spot in our drivers’ schedule is reserved. You don’t need to worry about running out of heating fuel on a freezing night.

Additionally, when customers sign up for automatic delivery, it makes planning our busy winter delivery routes simpler. Our drivers can fit more homes into their schedules, and more people get the fuel they need each day.

To enroll in automatic delivery, please contact our team today. We’re ready to process your request!