Poore’s propane and heating oil payment options make winter easier for you—and your wallet!

Most people today lead busy lives. For the convenience of our customers, we have created a couple of payment programs to take the hassle out of your winter fuel bills.

SmartPay Monthly Budget Plan

SmartPay is our monthly payment program, which lets you spread out your fuel payments. That way, your heating costs will always be manageable and predictable. You’ll have one set payment each month for most of the year. There is no cost to enroll.

Many of our customers have already enrolled in this program. You don’t use more heating fuel. You don’t pay more per gallon. You pay only for the fuel you receive, and there’s no finance charge.

If your actual fuel costs are a little higher or lower than we estimated, we can make adjustments as necessary during the course of the winter. Plus, if you have a service plan, we can spread that cost into SmartPay as well.*

To enroll in SmartPay, contact us so we can review your past fuel usage and calculate a monthly payment schedule for you. Remember, it does not cost you anything to enroll in SmartPay! In fact, you will earn a rebate each month that you have a credit balance on your account.

Enrolling in Auto Pay

Every year, more customers enroll in our Auto Pay program, which allows any billable service or fuel delivery to be paid automatically with their credit card or checking account.

Poore’s customers tell us they love our Auto Pay program because it’s so simple! Auto Pay, which can be combined with e-bill (statements are sent via email), saves you hassle, can help you build points on your credit cards and makes it less likely you’ll inadvertently miss a bill in winter, which could create problems.

To enroll in Auto Pay, simply fill out our online application, download and mail in our paper application, or give us a call today!

Pricing Options

As a Poore’s customer, you pay our competitive daily rate, which moves up and down with the market.

What’s the market price?

  • Our regular competitive daily rate.
  • Call us to get the most up-to-date rates.
  • Your price rises and falls with the market.
  • No extra commitment or costs.

Contact us to learn more about price protection.

*Poore’s Service Plans available within our Delaware HVAC service area only.