Poore’s makes propane and heating oil deliveries easy across the Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania Tri-state area!

Whenever you need us to deliver propane or heating oil to your home, you can trust our team to always be there for you. Our delivery staff works incredibly hard to ensure you have a dependable supply, regardless of the weather or market conditions.

And our delivery trucks are equipped with the latest computerized delivery meters. We print a metered ticket with the date and time of delivery stamped on it, so you can always be assured of the accuracy of the fuel delivery.

How often you need to schedule deliveries depends on frequency of use. You will notice a pattern for when you will need more. We can tell you, based on a number of factors, how often you will need deliveries. We can even put you on our automatic delivery schedule, if you qualify. Read more.

We offer emergency propane or heating oil deliveries

If you are an automatic customer, our service people remain on call 24 hours a day in case a local propane or heating oil delivery is needed immediately. In emergency situations at night, a service truck may be able to come to your house for a quick “advance” of fuel, and a full tank delivery can usually be made the next day.

Important weather tips

After a snowfall, please clear your driveway and shovel a path to your propane tank or fuel oil fill pipe so our driver can reach it safely. If you have pets, please keep them restrained on the day of your fuel delivery.