Common Water Heater Warning Sounds

Inspecting water heater

Your water heater works hard every day to provide you with the hot water you need for your taps and appliances – and it usually does its job without complaint. But sometimes it actually does complain – and if you’re an attentive enough listener, you can hear the warning sounds of a water heater in need of service or replacement.

Here are four common noises you might hear emanating from your water heater – and what they mean for your equipment:

  • Rumbling: A rumbling water tank could indicate a number of issues – a fault in the mixing valve or a broken dip tube causing cold and warm water to mix, for example. Rumbling could also indicate sediment build up in your tank that is causing it to overheat. Both scenarios require attention from a trained water heater technician or plumber.
  • Popping: Popping sounds are more than likely caused by excess water pressure. If adjusting the pressure doesn’t stop the sound, get professional water heater service.
  • Hissing / whistling: Among several possible causes for hissing and whistling is a dangerous increase in water pressure – reason enough to call for service.
  • Constant gurgling: This running water sound probably indicates trouble with the pressure relief valve; if this problem occurs in an older water heater, it usually means it is time for a replacement.

Whatever the sound and issue turn out to be, our expert water heater repair technicians will get the problem fixed quickly and professionally the first time so you can get back to using your water heater right away. If it makes more sense to upgrade, rather than repair your equipment, we can help there too, with expert installation of high-quality, high-performance water heater systems from trusted manufacturers like Rinnai and Rheem.

Does it sound like you need a new water heater? We can help! Contact us today for water heater service and water installations anywhere in our service area – if you choose to upgrade your water heater, we will provide you with a FREE, no obligation estimate to help you decide among your options.