What Month Is Propane The Cheapest Price?

Poore’s helps you take control of your propane costs all year long!

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If you’re looking for ways to manage your household costs, your propane costs are understandably a target.

Some people like to keep an eye on the markets, to see when propane prices are lower. Usually, mid-to-late late summer is when prices are lowest across the market, but that can change in the face of natural disasters or geopolitical crises affecting the economy.

For people with busy lives or no interest in regularly checking markets, Poore’s Propane offers our work-free and worry-free Automatic Delivery. We track your propane usage with our state-of-the-art computer system alongside the current weather conditions and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. No need for periodically checking your propane tank, no worry about runouts.

Whichever way you choose to buy your propane, the best advice we can pass along is to always avoid a propane runout. If you run out of propane, you need to pay for an emergency delivery and professional re-lighting of the pilots in your propane appliances!

Poore’s not only offers competitive, transparent propane prices, we also offer payment options to make managing your propane costs easy as pie. We’ll detail two of our most popular options below:


Get out your propane statements from the last year. You will likely notice your propane usage going up and down, especially if you use propane for home heating. If you do heat your home with propane, you’ll notice your bills are going to be highest at an expensive time—during and after the holidays, and during tax season.

SmartPay gives you a way to avoid those wild swings in your propane bills and make managing your household budget easy. Your propane costs are spread out over 10 even, affordable monthly payments.
Enrollment time is this spring, but time is limited. Contact us to enroll today!

Auto Pay

With all you need to do in a day, having the opportunity to take something off your to-do list is welcome. Auto Pay does just that. Your monthly payments are automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card!

You no longer have to worry if mail service will make your payment arrive late. You no longer have to pay your bill each month either by mail or online. And if your credit card has a points-based rewards program, using it to pay your Poore’s bill gets you those rewards even quicker!

Make life easier with Poore’s Propane payment options and leave worries about pricing and run-outs in the past. Contact us today to get started!