Is It Better To Buy Or Lease My Propane Tank?

Discover The Benefits Of leasing With Poore’s Propane!

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Are you converting your home to propane, or perhaps switching to Poore’s Propane for your propane deliveries? Whatever the case, you have some decisions to make about your propane tank.

One of those decisions is whether to own your propane tank, or to lease it. Poore’s Propane both sells propane tanks at a great price and offers affordable, worry-free propane tank leasing.

With Poore’s, you also get dependable propane delivery at a competitive price.

Owning Vs. Leasing a Propane Tank

When you own your own propane tank, you have the freedom to choose your propane delivery company. If you aren’t happy with your propane company’s service or pricing, it’s easy to switch providers.

With freedom, however, comes responsibility. When you own your propane tank YOU are solely responsible for it. That includes all maintenance, repairs, fees, safety checks, and the costs that go with them are all on you.

If your current propane tank is old, in bad condition, or no longer large enough to meet your propane needs, choosing to own your new tank means you have a lot of upfront expenses to incur.

Buying and installing a new propane tank can cost thousands of dollars. And then there are the aforementioned expenses over the years.

Leasing on the other hand frees you from those costs. With our propane tank leasing service, WE handle the maintenance, repairs, and propane delivery. And before we finalize the lease, we’ll make sure you’re getting the right size of propane tank for your home and your propane needs.

What If My Propane Tank Is Underground?

If you have an underground propane tank, you may hesitate about changing propane companies, even if their propane pricing is high and their service sub-standard.

We can help you through that process. The first step is to determine who owns your underground propane tank—because it may not be you. It depends on whether you leased or bought your propane tank from that original company.

If you leased it from your current propane delivery company, there may be a cancellation cost and a buyout option, the price of which will vary depending on the size of your propane tank. If you take the buyout option, you’ll own your propane tank and not have to worry about replacing it.

You may decide that the buyout cost isn’t worth it and choose to have it replaced. In that case—no worries. Poore’s Propane can provide backhoe services to remove your current propane tank and install your new tank. As with aboveground tanks, you can choose to purchase or go with our hassle-free propane tank leasing! We’ll make it easy.

Propane tank leasing from Poore’s Propane is hassle-free—and affordable. That’s why we’re Central Delmarva’s leading source for propane, oil, and service—safe, dependable, easy!