Should I Enroll In Auto Pay?

We’ll let the benefits speak for themselves!

budget pay pennsylvaniaEven as we’ve been staying home more thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, our lives have remained just as busy as before; and in some ways, even more so!

It’s understandable that sometimes, everyday tasks can fall through the cracks. But when you forget to pay a bill, that can be a problem. There are often late fees, and your credit score can get dinged alongside that.

But, when you enroll in Auto Pay with Poore’s Propane, one less bill is taken off of your to-do list.

How does Auto Pay work?

When you use Auto Pay, your monthly payment to Poore’s Propane is automatically deducted from your banking account or credit card. You can still use your online account to check your statement and manage your account, but your bill will always be paid, and always on time – with no effort needed on your behalf.

What are the benefits of Auto Pay?

The two biggest and most obvious benefits are ease and convenience.

You don’t have to hunt down your copy of the bill in that pile of mail on your desk, write a check, mail it, and hope it gets us on time. It’s all taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

But there are even more benefits to enrolling in Auto Pay. Here are some of them:

Protecting your credit. As we said above, late payments can lower your credit score. Because your bill is automatically paid at a set date with Auto Pay, you never have to worry about a late payment again.

Getting credit card points. Does your credit card have a points-based rewards program? Perhaps you use it towards travel, dining out, or getting cash back. Whatever your reward is, using Auto Pay can help you get them faster by accepting your credit card as payment.

Taking control of your finances. When you use your checking account for Auto Pay, you have created a permanent line item in your budget towards paying your Poore’s Propane bill. By doing so, you prioritize paying it ahead of other ways you can spend your money.

Poore’s Propane customers tell us they love our Auto Pay program because it’s so simple. Auto Pay, which can be combined with e-bill (statements are sent via email), saves you hassle, can help you build points on your credit cards and makes it less likely you’ll inadvertently miss a bill! To enroll in Auto Pay, call or email us, today!