Why is my Propane Tank only 80 Percent Filled?

The 80/20 Rule for Propane Tanks Have you come home after a propane delivery, checked the gauge and thought, “Wait a minute, I asked for the tank to be filled! Why is it sitting at only 80 percent full?” Why? Science, that’s why! But no, seriously, there’s a reason for this: Propane, like water, expands […]

Have You Changed Your Air Conditioner Filter Lately?

Keep Your A/C System Running at Peak Efficiency There are a lot of things to love about summer in the Delmarva area, from days at the beach, to back yard cookouts, to being able to escape the heat in your air-conditioned home! Make sure you can keep enjoying that indoor relaxation by taking good care […]

Save Big on a New Water Heater with Rebates from Rinnai

Top quality, great savings Question: Do you know the best time to replace your water heater? The honest answer is usually about a decade after installation, or, before it lets you know itself – whether through messages ranging from cold showers, or leaks that could turn into small floods when you have no choice but […]

Propane: The All-American Fuel Choice

Poore’s is your Source for Propane in Delmarva Now that summer’s here, you’re able to spend more time outside enjoying your propane grill cooking up some delicious lunches and dinners (maybe even breakfast, too!). But, whenever you fire up your propane grill, did you know that you’re using a fuel source that is largely produced […]

Propane fire

Why Choose Propane over Natural Gas?

Why Choose Propane over Natural Gas? Choosing between natural gas and propane as a home energy source can be a difficult task: both are clean burning alternatives that offer good value for your money. But propane offers several advantages over natural gas that tip the scale in its favor. Here are four key reasons to choose […]

Propane grill

Five Reasons to Ditch Classic Charcoal and Get a Propane Grill

Five Reasons to Ditch Classic Charcoal and Get a Propane Grill Summer’s just around the corner, which means that it’s high time for a backyard barbecue in your Delmarva home! But rather than dragging around a bag of briquettes and tasting igniter fluid on your burgers and dogs, why not switch to a built-in or […]

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