Kick Indoor Air Pollutants to the Curb with Poore’s

It’s your turn to host for the holidays this year, and you’ve compiled quite the guest list. Among others, in attendance will be your cousin who you haven’t spoken to since the incident last year, your in-laws who certainly never question anything you do, and even your long-lost brother who lives on the other side […]

Interviewing Propane

Hiring managers interview prospective employees to find out if they’re the right fit for a company. Why not treat your home the same way? You are your home’s hiring manager and today you’re interviewing propane for the vacant position of home heating fuel. In a candidate you look for certain qualities: dependability, versatility, safety and […]

Get the Fireplace You’ve Always Wanted

There’s a misconception among some that a fireplace is nothing more than a decorative item, no different than a painting hanging on the wall. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. A fireplace can look good and function beautifully. As you may know, propane is considered the most versatile fuel, capable of powering virtually […]