What Are Heat Pumps Used For?

What Are Heat Pumps Used For? An all-in-one system for home cooling and supplemental heating. Heat pumps have been popular in Europe and the southern U.S. for some time, but they are starting to gain usage in our part of the country, too. Poore’s Propane and Oil customers have been asking us about these all-electric […]

Propane: Clean, Efficient, & Versatile!

Propane: Clean, Efficient, & Versatile! Propane heating equipment, water heaters and appliances boost your quality of life. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to overhaul your current house’s comfort systems, it’s reasonable to ask what the best energy source would be to safeguard your family’s well-being in the most eco-friendly way possible. At […]

Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System This Summer

Get the best cooling and efficiency from your A/C. We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but the sweltering summer heat will soon be upon us in Kent County and throughout Central Delmarva. Our customers will be relying on central air conditioning equipment to stay cool and comfortable when outdoor temperatures are […]

Is Your Propane Water Heater Not Working?

Is Your Propane Water Heater Not Working? Warning signs your hot water equipment might fail. When it comes to replacing your water heater, the best time to get in touch with the Poore’s Propane and Oil team is before your current equipment breaks down. Hot water is essential to your quality of life. Without a […]

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Common Air Conditioning Problems Your guide to central A/C maintenance and repairs. When the summer swelter rolls into Central Delmarva, nothing beats the welcome chill of air conditioining — unless, of course, your home’s central A/C throws a tantrum and starts acting up. Homeowners in Chester County turn to the team at Poore’s Propane and […]

What Is a Split Heat Pump System?

What Is a Split Heat Pump System? Combining air conditioning and heat in one system. As a homeowner, you know that a home is more than just a collection of rooms. It is a place to create memories and provide comfort for you and your loved ones. How can you best ensure that your family […]