Your Water Heater Works Harder During Winter

Count on Poore’s Propane to take care of your water heater In winter, your furnace or boiler is working its hardest. You know what else is? Your water heater. If you’re surprised, you’re not alone. If you’re wondering why this is the case, we have three reasons: Colder water. No matter if you get the […]

How to Safely Use your Propane BBQ Grill During Winter

How to Safely Use your Propane BBQ Grill during Winter Why wait until summer for your favorite grilled foods? Like many of us, you may have given up on grilling for the year when the weather turned colder. Now you’re going through winter in your Delmarva home dreaming of delicious grilled foods and counting the days […]

High-Efficiency Furnaces and Snow: Keep Your Vent Pipe Clear

High-Efficiency Furnaces and Snow: Keep Your Vent Pipe Clear Keep your home and family safe A high-efficiency furnace like the ones installed by the expert service technicians at Poore’s Propane help you keep your Delmarva home warm and comfortable while saving you money on your energy costs. However, maintenance and best practices for safety are […]

Money saving

Enroll Now for Savings on Heating System Service in 2020!

Poore’s Propane helps protect your HVAC equipment While you’re making your New Year’s resolutions, we have one for you that doesn’t involve a gym membership or any promise to finally clean out the garage. This resolution rewards you by helping you save money! Resolve to enroll in a Poore’s Propane service plan for your home’s […]

What exactly is the Efficiency Rating of Furnaces and Boilers?

The ins and outs of AFUE When you’re looking for a new furnace or boiler for your Delmarva home, you understandably want to get the most efficient one you can afford. Because the higher the efficiency, the less energy you’ll need to keep your home warm. And less energy also means lower heating costs. That’s […]

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How Much Propane Will I Use This Winter?

How Much Propane Will I Use This Winter? Estimating your winter propane usage Predicting how much propane you’re going to need this winter isn’t an easy task. There are so many factors to work into trying to make that estimation. You have to consider the size of your home, its energy efficiency, the weather and […]

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