What To Know Before Buying a Propane Tank

Poore’s Offers Propane Tank Rentals & Installations for Your Pennsylvania Home

propane tank service pennsylvaniaEvery day, we speak to homeowners in Southeast Pennsylvania who have questions about their propane storage options. Sometimes they’re building a new home or converting to propane from another heating fuel. Sometimes they are just unhappy with their current propane provider and want to make a switch.

Many families don’t realize that they have a range of options for owning or leasing a propane tank. At Poore’s Propane and Oil, we’re always happy to take new customers through choosing and installing a tank. Here are a few questions we commonly get.

Is It Better to Own or Lease a Propane Tank?

Some customers like the independence of owning their own propane tank. However, we almost always encourage people to lease a tank from us. We’ve found that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. When you lease your tank:

  • You don’t incur a considerable upfront cost.
  • We handle the installation for you.
  • We also handle repairs, maintenance, and any testing or certification.
  • If your fuel needs grow—because of new appliances, home additions, or children—we can replace your current tank with a larger model.

What Propane Tank Size Does My Home Need?

Many factors affect your tank sizing, including:

  • The size of your home
  • The number of people in your home—and how old they are
  • How many propane systems and appliances you have

When you come to Poore’s Propane for service, our experienced technicians will evaluate your needs. Then we can help you choose a propane tank that meets them!

Poore’s has a range of tank sizes, from smaller models that power one or two appliances to 1,000-gallon tanks that serve large houses. We carry both aboveground and underground tanks.

How Do You Install a Propane Tank?

If we’re installing an aboveground tank, the process is generally quite simple. We will ensure that the tank is placed at a safe distance from your home and in a position that meets your approval. Beyond that, the only preparation might be laying a little concrete slab for stability.

Underground tank installation is more complex, but Poore’s has the experience to handle it! We will arrive with a backhoe to excavate a space to fit your underground tank. We’ll ensure the tank is placed clear of septic tanks and other underground items.

Looking for a Full-Service Propane Provider? Choose Poore’s!

When you switch to Poore’s, you will have a full-service propane partner for the long term. We make getting set up easy and proudly deliver your propane reliably and at a fair price. With our automatic delivery option, you never need to check a tank gauge. We track your tank levels based on typical usage for your home’s size and the current weather. Then, we deliver you propane when your tank gets to be 25-30 percent full. No stress, no run-outs—and no extra charge!

Are you ready to partner with a fuel company that sincerely values your comfort? Join the family of Poore’s customers!