Automatic Delivery Customers: Let Us Know About Changes in Your Household

Certain changes may affect your propane usage for the season ahead

automatic delivery home changes
A lot has changed in our lives as 2020 has slogged on.

Many of us have missed out on graduations, weddings, birthday parties, vacations, and so many other things. Our kids are homeschooling either full- or part-time. College-age kids may be doing remote learning. Our adult children may have moved back home.

Elderly parents and relatives may have moved in with you, so you can take care of them safely and keep them from being lonely.

Needless to say, we were home a lot more than years prior.

All of these changes we mentioned above directly affect your propane usage, and if you are a Poore’s Propane Automatic Delivery customer, we need to know about those changes.

How these changes impact Automatic Delivery

With Automatic Delivery, we calculate your delivery schedule based upon your prior propane usage, factoring in the current weather conditions. This helps us make an accurate estimate of when you will need more propane before you run low.

If you are using more propane than before we need to factor that into scheduling propane deliveries to your home. If we don’t know about the changes in your propane usage, that may affect our calculations.

Just one of those changes in your household can make a big difference in your propane usage. For example:

  • If you used to work outside the home, you likely turned your thermostat down for the hours you were at work. That means you also were not home to use your hot water (heated with your propane water heater) or your propane range to make a mid-morning cup of tea or grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids’ lunches that you do currently.
  • If elderly parents or college-aged kids move in for the winter, you will see an increase in your propane usage. The more people are at home, the more hot water will be used in doing laundry, cleaning, and bathing.
  • Similarly, if you’ve added an addition onto your house (increasing your square footage) or added new pieces of propane-fueled equipment like gas logs or space heaters, this will drain your supply much faster as well.

Contact us today with any updates like this that have taken place in your household so we can continue to manage your propane, or heating oil supply effectively—by avoiding run-outs and eliminating the hassles of planning and waiting for deliveries!