Auto Delivery: The Best Way to Avoid a Run-out

Don’t get caught in the cold!

automatic delivery pennsylvaniaAs the stores move from Halloween candy to Christmas decorations, you may still not be ready for winter here in the Delmarva area.
Trust us, you’re not alone.

But, there’s something you can do now that will make your winter easier and give you peace of mind: Sign up for automatic propane delivery from Poore’s Propane!

Poore’s Propane makes propane delivery easy

When it’s cold outside, why head out into that cold to read the gauge level on your propane tank, then have to remember to contact us to schedule a propane delivery?

We take that work off your hands with automatic delivery. Poore’s Propane uses a computer system to track how much propane your home or business would typically use in the current weather conditions. Then, when your tank is around 25 to 30 percent full, we schedule a propane delivery to your home.

By the way, getting automatic delivery from Poore’s Propane is FREE. Why would we do that? Because being able to carefully plan our daily delivery routes means we can serve more customers more efficiently, and we don’t have to worry about making emergency propane deliveries.

This gives automatic delivery a big advantage over calling for a propane delivery. When you use will-call for your propane delivery, there is a gap of a few days between when you place your order and when we can make a delivery. And that gap can become more than a few days when there’s heavy demand or bad weather. If your tank has gotten too low, you may be facing a run-out of propane. Why run that risk?

Give yourself even more peace of mind with our wireless propane tank monitors that will give you —and us— up-to-the-minute readings of your propane tank levels, and will alert you and us when a refill is needed.

Enjoy a warm and comfortable home all winter long with automatic propane delivery from Poore’s Propane. Contact us today to become a customer!