Air Conditioning Tune Up: It’s That Time Again! 

Schedule your A/C tune-up NOW… and SAVE!

time for an air conditioning tune-up central delmarva, eastern pennsylvaniaIt’s beginning to feel like spring here in the Delmarva region!

That means the countdown to warmer weather and all that goes with it has begun. And while we’re anticipating putting the winter coats and sweaters away in favor of shorts and sandals, planning our summer vacations, and dreaming of days at the beach, there’s something else we’ll be doing this summer: firing up the air conditioner.

Make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer’s heatwaves. Schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up with Poore’s Propane now!

Scheduling A/C tune-up now makes sense

Why schedule your air conditioning tune-up when it’s not even officially Spring yet? Because no one else has!

By setting up your air conditioning tune-up now, you have control. Our calendars are more open when it comes to appointment times, so you can choose the day and time that best fits your needs.

In fact, if you schedule your heater cleaning and service before April 30, we’ll give you 30% off!*

Waiting until May to contact us for scheduling your air conditioning tune-up will cause you to be competing for the time of our service technicians with all your neighbors who are looking for air conditioning tune-ups or repairs, too. It will be harder to schedule an appointment time that fits perfectly with your schedule and your plans.

By scheduling your air conditioning tune-up early, that gives our skilled and experienced service technicians time to repair any problems they find during the thorough inspection they perform on your A/C system during the tune-up.

Another advantage to having your air conditioning system tune-up scheduled now is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing when the first heat wave hits, your air conditioner will be ready for the job and running at peak efficiency. Speaking of peak efficiency, which also means you’ll be using less energy to keep your home cool. Less energy usage = lower energy costs!

If you’re looking to replace your central air conditioning system, Poore’s Propane offers expert installation.

Don’t have ductwork in your home? You can still enjoy cool comfort without the inefficiency and hassle of window air conditioners by having Poore’s Propane install ductless mini-split air conditioners. You get great cooling that you can zone for more efficiency.

Contact Poore’s Propane to find out more about our air conditioning services! And remember – schedule your heater cleaning and service before April 30, we’ll give you 30% off! *

*Discounts valid for both oil and propane heating systems only. Only available for customers within our Delaware service area. Not valid for customers with an existing service plan.