4 Common Myths About Propane Energy

There’s a lot to learn about propane!

common propane myths pennyslvaniaIf all you know about propane is that it runs your BBQ grill, you’ll be excited to know about how much more interesting propane is, and how much it can do for your Delmarva home all year long!

You may have come across some of the more common myths about propane. We’re here to bust those myths with some truth.

Myth #1: Propane is dangerous

Nope, nope, nope! Propane is at least as safe as any other energy source for your home. And, because government regulations and industry standards are so strict, propane manufacturing, handling, installation and service may be safer for home use than other energy sources. Here are some propane safety facts:

  • Propane has the lowest flammability rating of any alternative fuel, and won’t ignite until the air reaches 940 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The rotten-egg smell of propane makes it easy to detect a leak
  • If there is a propane leak, propane gas simply vaporizes so there’s no mess and no clean-up needed
  • Propane tanks and cylinders come with a device that cuts off the filling process when they are 80 percent full. This is so the tank or cylinder has enough space for propane to expand safely, which can happen in heat or sunlight
  • Speaking of propane tanks, they are 20 times more puncture-resistant and tanks for ethanol, gasoline or methanol

Myth #2: Propane is bad for the environment

This is false. Propane has half of the carbon emissions of heating oil when it’s burned, and less emissions than electricity when it’s produced by coal-fired plants. In fact, propane is listed as an alternative fuel under the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy.

Unlike heating oil, propane is nontoxic. When there is a propane leak, it will not harm water, soil, air, plant life or aquatic life.

Myth #3: Propane is only for grilling

If you believe this, prepare to have your mind blown. Yes, propane is great for grills and camp stove, that much is certainly true. But there’s so much more it can do inside and outside your home!

Propane can heat your home, provide warmth with fireplaces and space heaters, give you water heating faster and more efficiently than electricity, run a clothes dryer and power a stove that gives you instant and precise temperature control.

Outside, look beyond the grill. Propane can heat your pool and spa tub so you can enjoy them for more of the year. You can create a great gathering space with a propane fire pit. Patio and deck heaters let you enjoy your back yard even when there’s a nip in the air.

You can enjoy all of this with propane delivery from Poore’s Propane, too.

Myth #4: Propane is expensive

Guess again! Propane is one of the most cost-effective home energy sources when you take into account the total cost of ownership of propane equipment and services. Because propane burns cleaner, your equipment has less wear, needs fewer repairs, and lasts longer. Many of today’s propane appliances have efficiencies as high as 98 percent!

Find out more about what propane can do for your home. Contact Poore’s Propane today and become a customer for this winter season – and beyond!