4 Industries That Use Commercial Propane

How commercial propane fuels key industries in Central Delmarva

commercial propane Delaware County, MD In the competitive landscape of Delaware County and central Delmarva, business owners are always on the lookout for cost-effective and efficient fuel solutions to keep their operations running smoothly. One such solution is commercial propane, and Poore’s Propane and Oil is the go-to provider of this versatile, adaptable, American-made fuel.

Here are four business sectors that use propane in a variety of ways to stay productive, profitable and safe.

Farms and other agricultural businesses

Our region is home to many farms, orchards, greenhouses and other agricultural ventures. These agricultural businesses rely heavily on propane to maintain consistent operations. Propane reliably and efficiently powers irrigation systems, greenhouse space heating, stock tank heating, crop dryers, weed burners, mowing and moving equipment, water heaters and power generators.

Propane equipment runs efficiently and produces lower emissions than other common farm fuels like diesel. That’s better for the planet and the air quality around your workers. Additionally, Poore’s Propane can set you up with on-site propane tanks, which are especially useful for farms situated outside the reach of a gas utility.

Hospitality businesses

Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses can greatly benefit from the precision and control that propane-powered cooking equipment offers. When surveyed, over 90% of chefs said they preferred gas stoves because they heat up quickly and provide consistent temperatures, which is essential for preparing high-quality meals. This efficiency translates into faster service and happier customers.

Beyond the kitchen, commercial propane is also used to heat guest rooms, pools and spas. Propane heaters and water heaters ensure that guests enjoy a comfortable stay. You can also elevate and extend the outdoor dining experience with propane-powered patio heaters, firepits, lighting and other features.

Construction sites

Construction sites often face challenges related to power supply since they are so frequently separated from consistent gas and electricity connections. Commercial propane generators offer a reliable and portable solution, ensuring that power tools and equipment run smoothly without interruption. Propane also powers a range of worksite equipment that allows you to meet deadlines and avoid costly delays.

During colder months, maintaining a warm work environment is essential for both worker safety and productivity. Propane temporary heaters are ideal for construction sites, keeping your employees safe and allowing cement, paint, joint compound and other materials to dry at a consistent temperature.

Warehouses and distribution centers

A fleet of dependable forklifts is crucial to having an operational warehouse or distribution center. Propane-powered forklifts are a popular choice due to their quick refueling times and consistent power output. Unlike electric forklifts, propane models don’t require long charging periods. Plus, propane’s low emissions mean that these forklifts meet or exceed national indoor air quality standards.

Beyond moving equipment, propane is fantastic at maintaining a comfortable temperature in large warehouse spaces. Propane furnaces boast fuel efficiency ratings as high as 98.5% and can consistently deliver air heated up to 140° F.

Propane-powered standby generators are the gold standard for ensuring that your workspace remains comfortable, safe and functional throughout a power outage.

Poore’s Propane and Oil has the commercial propane you need!

For businesses in central Delmarva, choosing the right propane supplier is critical. You need a partner with fair pricing and a responsive service team. Poore’s Propane and Oil is that partner. We offer convenient, cost-effective bulk delivery of commercial propane to farms and businesses, as well as convenient payment plans to assist with your budgeting needs.

We offer a range of propane tank sizes to meet your precise needs. Our locally-based, responsive team is always available to provide emergency fuel delivery.

Let’s connect today to discuss your business’s fueling needs. Contact the Poore’s team to get started.